PDF OCR Features

It’s not magic it’s programming!

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100+ Formats

Input file formats
Convert PDF (PDF OCR Cloud Edition) and more than 100 other file formats (PDF OCR On-Premises Edition) to a searchable PDF!

See full list of supported file formats
Supported Languages

Supported languages
More than 60 languages are supported in PDF OCR On-Premises Edition! The Cloud Edition includes English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

List of supported languages
Multi Page

Multithreading support for multipage document
PDF OCR powerful multi-threading engine can process very long documents and hundreds of pages at once!
This feature is included in the On-Premises Edition.

Multi Threading

Multithreading support for multiple documents
Process many documents in a blink of an eye!
This feature is included in the On-Premises Edition.

Command Line

Command line support
Integrate all PDF OCR features into your production line, automate your processes and gain a lot of time!
This feature is included in the On-Premises Edition.

Layout Analysis

Layout analysis
Thanks to this feature the orientation of each page is automatically detected to provide the most accurate OCR result possible.

Drag and Drop

Document selection
You can select the exact document that will be processed by PDF OCR or the whole folder. Select your files or folders or drag and drop them directly in PDF OCR.


Localized User Interface
At the moment the User Interface is translated in English and French but hang on, more languages are yet to come!


64-bit support
PDF OCR is AnyCPU, this means that the application runs as a 64-bit process whenever possible and falls back to 32-bit when only that mode is available.