Any Questions about PDF OCR? All you need to know is probably here!

Once you have received your license key (sent by our reseller Share-it for online purchases or given by an ORPALIS sales agent if you have made a purchase order directly to us) you will need to download the corresponding package.
The PDF OCR download is available from all pages of our website by clicking the “free download” button.
Then you just need to follow the instructions given by the installer, enter your license key when prompted and you’re ready to go!
If you need to OCR PDF documents only the Cloud Edition will be for you.
The On-Premises Editions (Desktop and Server) are adapted to automatically process large amounts of documents (images and PDFs), thanks to their multithreading and command line support features. Please have a look at our comparison matrix and Features page to check how the features are distributed within the Editions.
The Cloud edition pricing model is token-based: several monthly plans are available, each with a different amount of tokens available (see our pricing page).
  • when the file is loaded: 1 token is charged per 10 MB
  • 12 tokens are charged to OCR the file
  • 1 token is charged to save the file
In other words, for a file below 10 MB, 14 tokens are charged.
The download package of the On-Premises Edition includes a 30 days free trial. The free trial starts at the first use of the software. When the trial expires you will need to enter a commercial key to keep using the product. If you need an extension of the evaluation, please send us a message here and we will send you a trial key.
Owners of a On-Premises Edition can log on our Helpdesk to reach our team. To get the best (and fastest!) support possible, we will ask you to give us as much information as you can, such as your operating system, the version of PDF OCR used (we recommend to always use the latest version), the screenshot of the error message and the documents where the issue is encountered.
If you have a specific demand that is not listed on our online store, do not hesitate to contact us, we consider all requests. It is possible to order volume licenses and we also welcome resellers. In any case, simply use the Quick Contact Form available on our website and we will take care of your request. We can issue quotes fitted to your needs. Please note that we accept Purchase Orders, wire transfers and checks both in Euros and in USD.
ORPALIS PDF OCR uses the GdPicture.NET OCR SDK. Thousands of developers worldwide use GdPicture.NET OCR SDK to build desktop, mobile, and web solutions for all industries.
If you are looking to integrate a powerful OCR engine in your solution, you can try our SDK for free for 60 days. Contact us if you have any questions!