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To offer a fast and powerful tool quite a lot of technology is required. Here are a few facts about ORPALIS PDF OCR and the team who developed it.

Faster document to PDF OCR conversion tool

Faster document to PDF OCR
conversion tool of the market.

High quality optical character recognition

High quality optical character recognition
and layout analysis.

Productive and intuitive interface

Productive and intuitive interface.

Image files are now searchable

Image files are now searchable.

No more wasted time

No more wasted time looking
for information in log documents.

Automatic Indexation

Performs fast automatic indexation
on high volume of documents.

Intuitive Interface

User friendly software thanks to
its intuitive interface.

Powered by GdPicture

Fast and reliable OCR engine powered by the
worldwide bestseller GdPicture.NET SDK.

Recognized industry experts

Built by recognized industry experts.